How to Tell if He Loves the Ancient Aliens TV Series Ironically, or Like, For Real

Your boyfriend suggested Ancient Aliens after you watched an hour of trailers without picking anything. To your surprise, you enjoyed the show! It was entertaining in a far-fetched and ridiculous way. But you start to worry. Does he like the show ironically, or like, for real? Here’s how to tell if your significant other is playfully laughing along, or if they’re a legitimate student of ancient astronaut theory.

Become a Sleuth for Ancient Alien Paraphernalia

Does he own a shirt that says “Ancient Astronaut Theorists Say Yes’’ with a little flying saucer on it? One graphic tee could be harmless. Keep looking. Do you see Erich von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods on his bookshelf? That’s concerning– it’s the foundational theory.

Your partner’s interest in pseudo-archaeology might subside if it’s not enabled. Next time you’re searching for something to watch, avoid galactic beings. Go for something light, like maybe the show where people guess if random objects are cake.

Suggest Stonehenge Was Built by Humans Only

If you mention that Stonehenge was constructed by an ancient civilization of humans, how does your boyfriend react? Does he get defensive and claim there was extra terrestrial assistance? If he insists the large stone formation is definitive proof that otherworldly beings made contact, you’re in trouble.

Feign interest by asking to borrow Däniken’s formative text. He’ll think you’re taking notes while you make a pro/con list of your relationship. When you’re finished, accidentally drop the book into your Goodwill donation bag. Oops!

Buy the Box Set

Purchase the Ancient Aliens 10th Anniversary Gift Set ($44.99) for an upcoming holiday. What does he do when he opens it?

“Oh my god this is ridiculous,” he says, laughing. “I can’t believe you spent money on this! Alright, let’s hate-watch it.” This is a great sign! He’s clearly not taking the idea of aliens visiting prehistoric Earth too seriously.

“I love it,” he says earnestly, admiring his new possession. “You know me so well. Thanks, babe.” Get the hell out there. Block his number from your phone and legally change your name so he can’t find you. Schedule a therapy session so you can unpack why you attract Giorgio Tsoukalos stans.

Is your partner truly into Ancient Aliens, or is it a fun little joke? If you put in the detective work, you should be able to tell where they stand. Good luck!