Things Real Housewives Have Been Mistaken For Post-Surgery

Tamra Judge was mistaken for an Old Navy mannequin

  • A trip to Orange County Mall ended with Judge in a display window draped from head to toe in t-shirts with sunsets and surfboards, linen joggers, and tech vests.

Melissa Gorga was mistaken for Cher

  • New York Fashion Week was ruined with continued questions if Gorga “Believed in Life After Love” and asking to “Turn Back Time.”

Brandi Redmond was mistaken for The Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz

  • Ironically, fear could not be faced after a miscalculation during Redmond’s most recent cheek augmentation.

Kelly Dodd was mistaken for a beach towel

  • What was meant to be a lovely day seaside ended with Dodd being covered in sand, wrapped around an unsuspecting fellow beach goer, and sat on for the hour and a half drive home.

Ramona Singer was mistaken for a kitchen sink

  • After a night of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and a scripted argument with a cast member, Singer’s mouth was propped agape and held gallons of soapy water while the hired catering company finished dishes in record time.

Ashley Darby was mistaken for a frozen bag of Penne Arrabiata from Trader Joe’s

  • While minding her own business in the snack aisle, picking up some dark chocolate butter cups, organic pita chips, and almond butter granola, Darby was approached and asked “why aren’t you in the frozen section?”

Kameron Westcott was mistaken for a bathtub full of scorpions

  • Foot traffic during the open house was great, but each visitor was confused why Wescott herself appeared to be in all nine bathtubs throughout the house.

Lisa Rinna was mistaken for a John Deere 7R Row Crop Tractor

  • Diners thought they had accidentally walked into a farm equipment depot when they saw those classic lips going to town on some corn on the cob.

Teresa Guidice was mistaken for the number 14

  • The sheer force and angle of all appendages while flipping tables had the entire restaurant believing they were seeing the periodic table of elements’ number for silicon, and not a grown adult.
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