We Want Your Male-Driven TV Series About Men

Send us your pitches! Production company with credits in the action space seeks male-centric TV series in the drama, true crime, comedy, horror and family genres. We want to see your best stories about men being men in all their complexity—from romantic male heroes who overcome body insecurities by developing six-pack abs to handsome crime victims who had fascinating lives before their deaths at the start of pilot episodes.
We want to see men as we’ve never seen them before: not just pretty faces, but fully-fleshed-out love interests. We want to see men characters with intellect, grit and nuanced caretaking skills in addition to compelling biceps. Bonus points if project requires male actors to be highly skilled in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, military combat, cooking colorful vegan dishes and changing diapers.
Your men-led project should have at least one scene with full male nudity to pay homage to the male form. Strong contenders will have male nude scenes that are respectful to men characters’ integrity and autonomy while being conventionally sexy due to box office realities.
We’re also looking for stories with strong male friendships that highlight the beauty of men supporting men. These could be anything from feel-good comedies about competitive men CEOs learning they must work together to be taken seriously in the global market, to historical epics where men homemakers exchange ominous words about weather while their gladiator spouses spar with fire. (“Rain is coming,” one man character could say in a hushed tone. “Soon,” the other man character might whisper, the weight of the world in his clear blue eyes and a screaming three-year-old with snot dribbling down her lips wrapped around his shin.)
We are especially interested in stories about strong men overcoming systemic obstacles to save the world from superhuman villains; shy, sensitive men falling in love with violent aquatic creatures; and royal fathers who must follow in the steps of the fathers before them to raise girls who are destined to save their people and claim the throne. Frankly, we’d also like to see chiseled modern-day dads doing things like chaperoning obnoxious fourth-graders to the aquarium.
Don’t get us wrong, we do want to see men just kicking back and being men. Show us men having beers with their men friends around fires built by their romantic partners, or men sharing insecurities about their love lives at bars that are packed with even more men. Because we prioritize diversity, it is our intention in scenes like these to include a tasteful sprinkling of different races and ethnicities—provided all male extras meet stringent Hollywood beauty standards.
Please note: because male actors typically lose their box office appeal after age 24, we can only consider stories centered around young male bodies with fresh new masculine faces at this time.
We don’t make the rules but we do adhere to them biblically, so round up your most inoffensive fathers, brothers, hubbies and boys-next-door and send them our way! We can’t wait to hear your original takes on the male experience.

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