12 Common Things You Can Fill With Cement for Fun

Disclaimer: Please only fill items you own with cement. If you would like to fill someone else’s possession with cement, please get permission first. Also, don’t use them as weapons. Filling objects with cement should be fun and safe for everyone.  

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s get started! Here are some wonderful things you can fill with cement. However, this is just a starting point. There are so many other things you can fill with cement, so feel free to get creative once you get the hang of it. 

Carved Out Book: It’s the perfect place to hide your most valuable cement. 

Balloon: The variable size makes this exciting. However, you should remember that the balloon will break if you fill it with too much cement. 

Dishwasher: There’s nothing worse than dirty cement that you can’t eat off. 

Basketball: Being able to dribble a basketball filled with cement can really improve your handles. If you are trying to practice your passing, make sure the person you are throwing to knows that the ball is filled with cement. 

Glove Compartment: You will never lose your registration if you pour cement over it. 

VCR: If you’re awesome, you still own one of these. If you fill it with cement, you don’t even need a TV to watch the fun unfold. 

Bicycle Basket: This will really help balance things out if you tend to lean too far back when you ride a bike. 

Pringles Can: Once you fill, you can’t spill. 

Shoes: This can add a few inches to your height if that is something you are insecure about. However, you should embrace how beautiful you already are. You don’t need a reason to fill shoes with cement, other than the fact that it is enjoyable. 

Pockets: There are so many things you can put into your pockets. There is no need to leave cement off that list. 

Flower Pot: Only with fake plants though. Killing a real plant with cement is immoral, and you are a piece of shit if you do so. 

Ice Tray: Cubes made with water will eventually melt. Cubes made with cement will keep your drink frosty for much longer. You won’t have to compromise the satisfying crunch either. 

Now that you have filled a bunch of stuff with cement, you can see how rewarding it can be. Don’t let life weigh you down. Cement can do that for you in a much more fun way.

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