11 Ways to Spend a Lazy Sunday

Overwater your plants (out of love).

Do the New York Times Daily Mini Crossword (with autocheck).

Anonymously report alarming Facebook comments from a self-professed “gun nut” because you can honestly never be too sure these days.

Search for a way to log into your original AIM account.

When that fails, attempt reviving your old Myspace account.

And when that fails, doom scroll on a social media platform that isn’t defunct.

Contemplate making soup dumplings, but settle for Seamlessed McNuggets.

Google the name of that girl you used to make out with during innocent games of “husband and wife” when you were 10-years-old to just see what she’s up to now.

Check your area’s Lost & Found Pet Facebook group and come across a missing Tabby cat that resembles one of the many feral cats that frequent your backyard because of the food you so generously leave out, then take a picture of said backyard doppelgänger cat and confidently text it to the owners but receive a response that “he’s too charcoal grey to be Brocky.”

Text your roommate pictures of Brocky v. Backyard Puss insisting they have to be the same cat and that you’re definitely not influenced by the $800 reward.

Finally give up on the cat saviorism schtick and just binge watch Bridgerton like everyone else.

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