Questions I Have for Fish

 Are you guys cold? Is the temperature of the water ever too frigid for your taste? If you do get cold, how often? Is this a daily occurence, a weekly occurrence, or is it different for every fish? How can you relieve the feeling? Does swimming really fast help? Do you scour the ocean in hopes of finding a hotspot, or squeeze yourself in between rocks in search of warmth? Or are you forced to endure the cold and simply wait until it passes? On the other side of the spectrum, are you ever hot? Do you ever feel like the temperature of the water is too much for you? What do you do? 

What do you know that you’re not telling us? A simple google search is all it takes to know that more than 80% of the ocean remains undiscovered, I know you know what’s in there. What is it? Why is it so hidden? Are there mermen? Animals with body parts that light up? Fish with way too many eyes?  Sharks that shouldn’t be that big? Amelia Earhart? If you’re not going to tell the rest of the human species, at least tell me. I’m dying to know. Is it just a vast amount of empty space? What’s in there?!  I hope we can talk about this matter in private. 

How do you feel about animals that can live in both land and sea? Are you neutral about them, or do you feel like they should just pick a side? Does being a water-only animal give you some amount of prestige against amphibians? Or is it the opposite, have you been forced into a lower social class due to the restrictions your biology has imposed on you? Do you trust turtles? If I were a fish, personally I don’t think I would trust turtles. They get to enjoy the perks of ocean-living but still have the option of backing out whenever there’s a real struggle? I don’t think so. Are you aware that some fish live in rivers? How do you feel about that? How do you feel about rivers in general?

What’s your stance on the current political climate? Do you associate yourself with a party, or do you remain indifferent as a result of your ineligibility to vote? Do you think humans should include the voice of the animal kingdom when making decisions concerning issues that directly affect them, such as climate change? How do you suggest we deal with the language barrier? Is it unfair to place the burden of initiating communication on the animals? All this time we’ve been waiting for animals to learn our languages, but would success be found faster if we learn the languages of animals? With that being said, do you think the language barrier is an issue we should try to resolve at all? Or are you satisfied living with the division? Thank you for reading these questions, if you could respond soon that would be greatly appreciated. 

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