My Work About My Hot Boyfriend Deserves Your Feminist Writing Fellowship

I am honored to apply for the “Let Your Voice Be Heard” feminist scholarship for women writers with my project, “The Life of Kevin: My Hot Boyfriend.” My heart breaks for people who don’t have boyfriends, and through my art, I hope to inspire young girls to be able to go out and land themselves a hot man. 

If I could describe my art in one word I’d say: Kevin. I write important stories about young women navigating the pressures of modern womanhood and then meeting men who are hot like my man, Kevin, and the joy that can bring into their lives.

Before I was lucky enough to swipe left on Kevin, I only wrote Twilight fanfiction. Now I’m #deep and write stories with actual themes, and also Kevin is very hot which is good for my artistic confidence. After Kevin explained to me what feminism was, I became motivated to tackle big issues in my writing, drawing from his rich life experiences as inspiration. For example, I was inspired to write about poverty because once Kevin lost his wallet for a few hours and it was so upsetting. 

As a female artist, I also admire the strong women who shaped him, such as his Grandma Ethyl. Ethyl has great bone structure, which I can see reflected on Kevin’s hot face. (She also serves us the best tomato soup and gives great hugs!) Small moments with family weave their way into my work, such as my recent story, “Kevin Has Sexy Hair and Also his Grandmother Did a Group Hug with Us and it Meant the World to Me.” In this piece, a young woman and her exceptionally handsome boyfriend Kevin meet his grandmother for the first time. They then bond over shared experiences like making pierogies and admiring Kevin’s face, which they all agreed, especially Kevin, is a gift from the Gods.

My chapbook, echoes of kevin, forthcoming from Grandma Ethyl Press, creates a Kevin-centered paradigm that the reader will return to again and again. (But not female readers, because Kevin is mine, bitches.) In exchange for letting me use her inkjet printer, the chapbook also includes insights into Ethyl’s spicy tomato soup and some tales from her childhood as a rambunctious Russian peasant. The reader is left to draw his own conclusions of how that maybe affected Kevin.

If awarded this fellowship, I would use the funds to do more research on Kevin, to write an epic, ambitious novel covering his past, present, and future. I intend to travel to his ancestral homes of Ireland, Sweden, and Cleveland to uncover the roots of his hotness as they stretch back in time. As a feminist writer, my long-term career goal is to make a mini Kevin one day. 

Thank you for your consideration of this application,

The Future Mrs. Kevin Smith (fingers crossed!)