Films Featuring Asian Characters Pitched in Hollywood by Non-Asians

Asian-American Ninja Warriors

When a band of urban ninjas descend, a hardened Asian cop must defend her precinct’s honor with only her Kung Fu blackbelt, a pair of razor sharp chopsticks, and her dragon lady wiles.

Little Orphan An-Yi

In 1920s Shang Hai, a heinous criminal is targeting orphan children. An inspector must solve the grizzly, horrific murders, with the help of his magical assistants, a wise cracking tiger and an adorable red panda.

Seoul Mate

On the eve of the country-wide math competition, a Korean math whiz calls upon his ancestors to win, but the ceremony goes horribly wrong when his competing National Merit opponent accidentally sets loose an ancient evil dragon. Can they team up together to win the competition, and impress the hottest girl there?

Jackie Chan v. Predator

Shanghai’d at Sea

To prevent his beloved ship from sinking, an English sea captain is forced to choose between his two lovers: the strong, wild, sexy female head assassin, or the meek but still sexy stowaway Imperial princess. 

Joy Luck Club II: Rise of the Tiger Moms

That’s Okinawa By Me!

When a soft spoken Asian software engineer who habitually strikes out with the ladies, ingests an ancient Chinese herbal remedy to promote virility – he realizes the true honor is getting laid with his own true self. 

The Wong Target

After mistakenly dispatching the wrong target, a deadly Asian assassin has a crisis of confidence, but when she meets an aspiring stand-up comic from rural Iowa, his jokes spark a fire in her cold assassin heart.

Jackie Chan v. Alien v. Predator

Oh La La!

A French spy must learn to embrace the primitive Vietnamese culture he was sent to infiltrate when he is captured in battle, and taught the ways of honor.

Jackie Chan v. Alien v. Predator v. The Rock

Jujitsu Panda: Climate Change Warrior

When his village is threatened by global warming, a charismatic red panda must defend his people’s honor with the power of cuteness.

Jackie Chan v. Alien v. Predator v. The Rock: The Search for Honor