13 Signs of a Controlling Relationship

Check off all that apply.

1. He doesn’t like your perfume so you don’t wear it anymore.

2. He thinks you spend too much time with your friends and not enough time with him.

3. He thinks you care more about your job than him.

4. He won’t admit it but he destroyed your favourite pair of Birkenstocks just to be spiteful.

5. He watches what you eat and how often you eat even while he’s the one who’s packed on the pounds since you moved in together. 

6. He gets mad, sulks all day, and then acts like nothing happened.

7. He gives you the silent treatment every time you travel even though you explained that these trips are for work.

8. He forgets your birthday every year but expects you to make a big deal when it’s his special day.

9. He hates when your parents stay over at your 1-bedroom apartment even though they only visit twice a year.

10. He gets annoyed with you every time you talk to your meddlesome neighbours.

11. He refuses to drop something. It’s like he doesn’t know when to quit.

12. He wants you to take his side even when he’s clearly in the wrong.

13. He doesn’t understand why you have to go back to work. You don’t spend enough time with him as it is.

If you answered yes to all 13 items you’re either in a controlling relationship or you just live with a bulldog.