Quarantine-Friendly Fall Activities

Fall is right around the corner, but, like everything else this year, it’s going to look a little different. While something like hosting a potluck is out of the question, here are some beloved fall activities you can do from the comfort of your own home.


While the point of this quintessential fall-favorite pastime is to relish the chill in the air, you can still easily capture the spirit of apple-picking at home by tying a sweater around your neck and opting for the apple as your choice of side from Panera Bread. Once your food is delivered, eat your apple while surrounded by the dozens of plants you’ve decided to fill your apartment with since lockdown. Crack open a window for that coveted breeze.

Read scary stories by the fire

Reading a chilling story by yourself is, more times than not, better—and scarier!—than reading it aloud to a group of people. Also, no wood? No problem! Spark a fire by using the new bathing suit you never used this summer as kindling and choose a spooky story of your liking. May we recommend the one where a gender reveal party sparked a seven-thousand-acre wildfire in California.


Glue a leaf to your mask.

Jump in a pile of leaves

You don’t need a yard to participate in this all-ages seasonal favorite. Just jump in a pile of the duck sauce packets you’ve accumulated since March. They’re orange, like leaves!

Bake some pumpkin bread

Make the change from sourdough to pumpkin bread. Nothing tastes like fall more. Choose from a slew of recipes or—for those with culinary prowess—create your own. For the less DIY-inclined, light a gourmand-scented candle and pop it in the oven. Either way, don’t forget the most important ingredient! (Lexapro.)

Knit a scarf

Now’s the perfect time to learn a new skill, like knitting. Learn how to do a basic knit stitch, and you’re well on your way to making scarves for yourself and your personal demons. Cute!

Attend a harvest festival

This one is going to require making some substitutions, because many festivals and parades are cancelled this year for obvious reasons. But fret not, you can still achieve the same jovial spirit these seasonal events beget by making some minor adjustments to accommodate isolation. Simply swap the farm-fresh corn, gourds, and squash for a strongly brewed cup of chamomile in one of the mugs that hasn’t left your bedroom in months, and the sense of community with staring wistfully out the window for thirty-six hours straight.

Go to a haunted house

Why even go to these things in the first place when you can just go on Facebook?