Fashionable Weapons Freddy Krueger Passed On Before the Glove Made of Knives

Boot Made of Hammers

Pro: Useful for carpentry-related dream schtick.
Con: All that heavy stomping is bad for the joints.
Snarky Catchphrase: “Just click your heels together three times and say there’s no place like hell, bitch!”

Pants Made of Arrows

Pro: Can fit a lot of arrows on each pant leg.
Con: No bow.
Snarky Catchphrase: “You can call me Robin Blood, bitch!”

Cape Made of Axes

Pro: Useful for protection in case the dream is set somewhere windy.
Con: Difficult to flamboyantly whip and flourish due to the heavy axes attached.
Snarky Catchphrase: “Not all bitches wear capes, bitch!”

Helmet Made of Cobras

Pro: Dangerous, terrifying, high fashion.
Con: Snakes keep getting tangled.
Snarky Catchphrase: “I am not tired of these mothafuckin’ snakes in this mothafuckin’ dream!” 

*Please note that Freddy would not use “bitch” for this one, as he felt it would “ruin the flow.”

Full Body Armor Made of Those Little Spiky Balls That Fall Off Trees in the Springtime

Pro: Nobody really knows what these are, so while they’re distracted trying to figure it out, Freddy can get the upper hand.
Con: Really hurt to step on.
Snarky Catchphrase: “Oh wow, I remember these. I used to see them a lot at camp. Does anyone know what they are? Are they edible for some animals? Do they grow more if you bury them? No no, but like, what are they? BITCH!”