Slogans For Procrastinators

Nike: Do it, whenever you can.

Kit-Kat: Take another break, take another Kit-Kat.

Mastercard: For everything else you probably won’t have time.

L’Oreal: Because you will be worth it.

Apple: Think about thinking differently. 

Dunkin’ Donuts: America walks on Dunkin.

Las Vegas: What will happen in Vegas will remain in Vegas if and when you get here.

New York State: Let’s not rush into calling it love. 

Adidas: Nothing is something.

Domino’s Pizza: It’s 30 minutes after the order.

Lay’s Potato Chips: Trying just one is good enough. 

IMAX: Think as much as you want.

AirBNB: Stay home.

Morton Salt: When it rains, stay home & order-in from a local restaurant. Thank you for supporting  small businesses.

Citizen Chronomaster: We’re sorry for the accuracy.

The New York Times: All the news that fits around your schedule. 

Republican Party: We will believe in America.

Democratic Party: For the people, attendance optional. 

Preamble, Constitution of United States of America: We the People of the United States, only those available, in Order to form a more perfect Union, shall establish Justice, might insure domestic Tranquility, also schedule-permitting, provide for the common defense, if we really have to, promote the general Welfare, and on an-absolute-need-to-do-basis secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and if we are told to our Posterity, only if it’s feasible and convenient, do ordain, and honestly we’re setting ourselves for failure if we keep on adding stuff, establish this Constitution for the United States of America, one day.

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