Person Who Didn’t Vote in 2016 Absolutely Appalled by The State of Things

Someone who didn’t vote in the 2016 Presidential election has recently voiced feelings of displeasure with the current state of the country and the desire that someone do something about it.

“Everything’s gone to shit! The people in power are absolutely destroying this country, and I just feel so helpless to stop it. I wish there was something, anything I could do,” said Alicia Herbert in a social media post.

The lengthy rant addressed her displeasure with a wide variety of issues, from the inadequate response to the coronavirus pandemic to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling which allows employers not to provide birth control as part of their health insurance.

“Womens’ rights are under attack and this is exactly why we need more women in government,” said Herbert, who failed to vote for a woman in a Presidential election when the opportunity presented itself.

Her post continued with long-held confusion as to how her fellow Americans could allow someone like Trump to win the presidency in the first place.

“I knew our country was full of bigots, but I never would’ve guessed we were capable of something like this. Let’s learn from 2016 so we never make this same mistake again,” she typed as her registration form sat at the bottom of a stack of papers on her coffee table.

When reached for comment about why she didn’t vote in 2016, Herbert said that day was, “So busy. You have no idea,” and that she is “definitely planning to vote in 2020, but Biden probably has this one locked up.”