50 Honest and Realistic Lesbian Movie Titles

Oh, yea! Another romance. 

1) The love story. 

2) The closet love. 

3) Loving loved. 

4) Loving loved lover. 

5) L.o.v.e. 

6) Loved her 

7) She left him for me. 

8) She left me for him, but then came back because she loves me and is living her #truestory 

9) Not out yet but just wait for five minutes before the end. 

10) Pathetic sex scenes. 

11) Biphobia. 

12) The butch and the femme. 

13) These two will not end up together. 

14) Why the fuck is there a main male character in this movie? 

15) That’s not how lesbians have sex. 

16) She’s going to steal your wife, because lesbians can smell women in a heterosexual marriage who do not know they are lesbians. And regardless, all lesbians are out to turn straight women into walking rainbows. We’re wolves looking for your sheep. *howl. 

17) The U-Haulers. 

18) She is not actually straight, and this mechanic will fix more than her engine. 

19) Parents disown the loving love lovers. 

20) The loving love lover’s life of the lonely lesbian P.E. teacher. Spoiler, she’s about to fall in love with a coworker and live happily gay after. 

21) She’s a superhero! Oh wait, nope, another love story. 

22) She thought she was gay but she’s going to cheat with a guy and realize that she’s bi. 

23) All lesbians are lonely and depressed. 

24) Gay marriage is legal, so now we’re creating lesbian wedding movies. 

25) This will be hella depressing. 

26) Sex, sex, sex, sex, random date, sex. Beach scene. 

27) Actresses who are noticeably uncomfortable playing gay or bisexual characters. 

28) Hey, that actress is gay! 

29) Comedy with random hate crime. Hahaha! 

30) Politician’s daughter. 

31) Straight to DVD lesbian fairytale remake. 

32) You should probably not watch this with straight people. 

33) Just enough to not make straight people uncomfortable. 

34) Too many emotions. 

35) She’s a creepy stalker. 

36) Why. 

37) What did I just watch? 

38) Poor film quality. 

39) Flannel for days. 

40) Predictable plot. 

41) Is this porn? 

42) Cats and vegans. 

43) Of course, they’re vampires. 

44) Somebody will die and you will cry. 

45) Underwhelming. 

46) We deserve better. 

47) The heterosexual who wrote this never met a lesbian. 

48) Homophobia. 

49) Slightly less homophobia than ten years ago. 

50) They’re going camping.