Brave! This Woman Got a Haircut and Didn’t Post it on Facebook

This past Wednesday, a local woman and active social media user Jen Varino got a pixie cut and did not post about it. Jen had recently gone through a breakup and said she needed a total makeover. When asked why she didn’t share on social media Jen said the new haircut made her feel strong and wanted to try to keep this new look to herself. She also said it’s probably smart to try not to post everything.

When asked for a comment, Jen’s best friend Claire, 25, said, “I am utterly shocked my BFF Jen didn’t post this wildly new haircut. She literally posts everything she does and asks for instant feedback like when she stubbed her toe last week and asked everyone to send her #healing vibes. She’s being so private and mature, a real shero for us all to look up to.”

Another one of Jen’s friends, Serena, told us she was so moved when she heard that Jen kept her haircut to herself. She went on to say, “Jen has gone viral a few times for just how honest she can get like when she tried to lick a hot stove. I just find it so moving that she’d make such a major life change as a new short haircut and not post about it. Maybe she should be a life coach or something?”

After Jen’s haircut she reports that she went home to her studio apartment and ate Christmas-themed Oreos and watched “Teen Mom.” She said she did feel a twinge of pain from not getting all the likes that typically come from such a life transition–but to substitute that reinforcement she said the Christmas-themed Oreos and Pinot Noir she stole from outside her neighbor’s door helped.

When New York Mayer, Bill De Blasio, heard about this story he was overcome with hope for the next generation and was said to have cried for at least 15 minutes. He is in the planning stages of an annual walk in Jen’s honor to promote less social media posting and more being. It will be called the “Jen Didn’t Post about her Pixie Hair Cut” Annual walk.

Jen says she’s glad this story made an impact and sometimes keeping things to yourself can be valuable. While saying this she was instagramming a pic of her toe with a caption that says, “#wahhh still hurting- any tips? #toeangst.”