List: My Diary Entries As Clickbait Headlines

1. I Tried To Talk To My Dad About Our Family’s History Of Mental Illness – You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next

2. This ONE WEIRD TRICK Kept Me A Virgin Until Age 25

3. Stop What You’re Doing And Weigh Yourself

4. Kids I Went To Preschool With: Where Are They Now?

5. The Ultimate Clapback That Would Have Been Great To Use Right After Audrey Hurt Your Feelings, But Now It’s Been A Week So It Would Be Weird To Text It To Her, Right?

6. This Photo Of Oscar Isaac Shirtless Just Got Me Pregnant. No It Didn’t, But Seriously Where The Fuck Is My Period?

7. Once You See This, You’ll Never Look At Getting Glammed Up For A Party Where You Don’t Know A Lot Of People And Then Feeling Overdressed The Same Way Again

8. Everything You Need To Know About Going To The Movies By Yourself

9. How To Skip The Gym And Still Burn Calories: Crying

10. This Mom Text Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Read All Day Because Mom Is The Only Person You’ll Talk To All Day

11. Millennials Are Drinking So Much Wine, But None Of Them Will Invite Me To Wherever They Are Drinking It

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