I’m a Woman Who Supports Other Women Unless They’re Just Being a Biyatch [Community]

Being a woman in the 21st century is difficult and that’s why I’m glad I can count on other women to lift me up. I try to be the type of woman who always looks out for her female colleagues and friends, unless they’re just being a biyatch and pushing my buttons.

Supporting other women is so important and that’s why I try to go to female film festivals, women owned thrift stores and female therapists. I want to create more room for women to shine with whatever dreams they have, whenever they have them. I tried to support my friend Karen when she had her first art show last week, but unfortunately, she was being an artzilla and didn’t listen to me when I was trying to offer one small critique of a piece, so I threw her paints at her. Now I know that sounds harsh, but I really think it was totally within ethical boundaries for me to throw paints at her and to text all our friends that she was a biyatch and a fucking awful artist and to not go to her art show but instead go to a strip club with me.

I see so many women around me not voting for female politicians, body shaming each other and overall not being the best feminist, they can be. It’s hard to be a woman right now, and I just hope with time they can open their hearts and realize sisterhood is all around us. Karen and I used to go to an all-female yoga class at the Y until she fricking wouldn’t listen to constructive critique that her work was bad….

I know it’s hard to constantly be judged for our gender and our reproductive rights argued over in political arena, but at least women can support each other. When I see a woman walking on the street, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside and say in my head, “I got you gurl!” All women need to be supported unless they’re a fricking biyatch and violate the basic courtesy of friendship and then feel free to start as many angry facebook groups about their bad bangs as possible.