Self Care Tips for Managing Your White Supremacy

Find a Hobby

Your condition does not have to define you. Find other things to spend your time with. Play some video games. Listen to the newest hip-hop album. Having a hobby won’t keep your mind of your racist ideology, but it sure will keep everybody else’s mind off it. 

Find a Support Group

Living with white supremacy can often make you feel like you’re the only one. That’s anything but the case. In fact, over 62 million Americans have experienced symptoms of white supremacy. White supremacist support groups–such as those found on 8chan, Facebook, and Twitter–provide an opportunity to meet like minded individuals, understand your shared condition, and maybe even come up with things to do about it. 

Keep a Journal 

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by the constant swirl of violent thoughts in your head, just put them on paper. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have a place where you can track these ideas and let them manifest into something for later reflection or posting

Get Organized

Organization is key to a healthy white supremacy. Not just in the home or the office but on the grassroots level too. If you do a little research, you’ll find plenty of organizations–from the NRA, to the Republican party, to essentially the entirety of American history–that are ready and able to support you and your condition no matter what.


Just because your soul is rotting from the inside out doesn’t mean your body has to. Regular exercise such as running, lifting weights, or crawling prone under the barbed wire obstacle you installed in your backyard will make you feel fit and ready to take on the day as well as the race war you’re hoping to incite.

Consult a Higher Power

If you are feeling ashamed about your condition, finding grace via a higher power can provide relief and validation. Remember, no matter what anybody says, there is a higher power up there–or down there if DC is to your south. He knows who you are. He helped create you. And he does love you. 

Smile more

Finally, it might sound silly but many studies have shown that if you act happy, you feel happy. And considering the way things are going, you have a lot to be happy about.  

Note: If you or someone you love is experiencing thoughts of white supremacy please call visit this link to get the help you/they deserve.

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