I’m Transgender Because I Chose to be, Damnit

Researchers, scientists, and anyone else who has no idea what the hell they’re talking about will tell you that being transgender isn’t a choice. They’ll say it’s “how you’re born,” or some other bullshit but they couldn’t be more wrong. I myself chose to be transgender. It started about 24 years ago. I was really young at the time, a fetus to be exact. I was in my mother’s womb and my brain had recently started to develop and I felt boredom for the first time ever. It sucked. As you can imagine I didn’t have very many options for entertainment in there, so I had to work with what I had. I burned through the simple things pretty fast; kicking, eating, squirming. I needed something more complex to stimulate my mind. That’s when I had a thought: “Should I make myself transgender?”

You’re probably wondering how I knew what transgender was, because it’s not like I had direct access to the media in there or other transgender people to shove it down my throat. I was still somehow exposed to what being transgender is though through my mom. My mom was watching something with it on TV, and, just like food, I absorbed it. Networks should really stop allowing that stuff so young impressionable kids, like me, don’t go making irresponsible and rash decisions just because they have nothing better to do. I mean really, I would have never gone down this path if selfish and delusional people didn’t feel like they needed ‘representation’ in media. 

Before I made a choice, I contemplated it for some time, like an hour or two, trying to make sure that it was a well thought out and conscious decision, until I got bored. I thought about what the pros and cons of choosing to be transgender would be. Con: It might have an effect on the people that made me, but I had never even met them before, so what do I care? Pro: It would at least give me something to do besides sitting here. Con: It could cost a lot of time and money one day. Pro: It will make the time go by faster. Con: This is an irreversible decision. Pro: I could probably make a game out of it or something.

 After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to do it, mainly just because I felt like it. From that moment on, I fought off all estrogen around me, and I did make a game of it; As far as I’m concerned I’m the #1 Estroids player in the world. It was the most fun I had since being in there, and it was making days fly by. It is still my favorite childhood game to this day. Was I ruining my life by taking the creation of myself into my own hands and interfering with what was intended to be and already destroying my relationships with my parents and the Lord? Maybe, but at least I wasn’t dying of boredom anymore. I mean, what did they expect? I was in the womb for NINE MONTHS with nothing to do. Obviously I’m going to rebel and do something just to get attention and make adults mad. 

I remember at around the 20th week of being in there, we were at a party and it seemed to be for me. I remember hearing a loud cheering, and I heard my parents exclaim, “It’s a girl!” and then everyone cheering.This was TOO good. They threw an ENTIRE party based around my gender and had no idea what I was up to in there. People brought them gifts, cried, and celebrated over the news. That day was even more fun than destroying estrogen itself. Being transgender was the best choice, and only choice, I had ever made. I remember wishing so badly that I could have been born right then and there just to come out and tell everyone the bad news and have a good laugh.

The next 4 months was just a waiting game. I continued doing everything I could to ensure I would be transgender. At that point I was getting pretty bored again. I started to get tired of the nonstop routine of waking up, fighting off estrogen, eating, sleeping, and repeating; but, I didn’t stop. There was no way I was going to let people think it was just a ‘phase.’ Being transgender was a choice I made and I was committed. If I could have figured out the exact source of the estrogen and destroy it, I would have.

Finally the time came, 4:00 am on November 3rd, I was born. This was the most exciting day of my life. I was finally out of that cramped and boring place. Being transgender was proving to be way more fun than everything I did to get there. The nurse put a little pink hat on me and I spit breast milk everywhere. My parents wrote down my old name on my birth certificate; I was howling. Life would have sucked if I hadn’t chose to be transgender. I don’t care if people, researchers, and scientists say that “being transgender isn’t a choice, it’s genetics”, they’re all just lying to themselves. I CHOSE to be born this way, and I WILL NOT let anyone discredit my 9 months of hard work.