Trailer for ‘Dangerous Admissions,’ the Inevitable Lifetime Movie About the College Cheating Scandal

NARRATOR: They grew up in a world where they had everything…

SOFIA MACY, 18, drives a convertible full of laughing blonde friends down the Pacific Coast Highway. Her vanity plate reads FAMUSPARNTS.

NARRATOR: And influence was at their fingertips…

OLIVIA JADE GIANNULLI, 19, on a beach, poses for Instagram photos in a Mossimo tank top.

OLIVIA JADE (V.O.): Money, power, fame… it’s all just a few clicks away, if you know how to get it. And I’m very good at getting what I want. I’m Target rich, bitch!

We see the follower count on her Instagram zoom up to one million.

NARRATOR: The only place they couldn’t get into… was college.

FELICITY HUFFMAN wears sunglasses and a large hat as she walks up to a sleek Hollywood bar. The camera reveals WILLIAM “RICK” SINGER sitting next to her, sipping whiskey on the rocks.

HUFFMAN: I heard you make things happen.

SINGER: Oh, I do. Big things. But it’ll cost you.

HUFFMAN: How much?

SINGER: What are we talking about here?

Huffman slowly removes her sunglasses.

HUFFMAN: Have you heard of the SATs?

SINGER: Yes. I mean, yes, obviously.

HUFFMAN: I need you to rig them.

Cut to LORI LOUGHLIN sliding an envelope across the table at a chic Beverly Hills brunch spot.

NARRATOR: How far will a mother go for her daughter?

Rick Singer picks it up. Close-up on him thumbing through a huge wad of cash under the table.

LOUGHLIN: I just want Olivia Jade to have every opportunity in life.

SINGER: This is five hundred thousand dollars. What are we talking about here, Harvard?

LOUGHLIN: No. University of Southern California.

SINGER: This isn’t going to be easy.

LOUGHLIN: I’ll do whatever it—

SINGER: It’s going to be incredibly easy.

Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” begins to play. 

NARRATOR: Where do the lies end and the truth begin?

Olivia Jade poses awkwardly with a rowing machine while Singer takes pictures of her. Loughlin watches.

OLIVIA JADE: I don’t understand why you’re making me do this.

Loughlin grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her.

LOUGHLIN: You’re a coxswain now, got it? A COXSWAIN!

Olivia Jade bursts into tears.

“Gangsta’s Paradise” swells as we see, in slow-motion, Huffman being led away from her mansion in handcuffs. Paparazzi flashbulbs explode around her. WILLIAM H. MACY holds back Sofia on the steps.


MACY: What did you do? My God Felicity, WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO?!

NARRATOR: For the first time ever, the riveting true story of Operation Varsity Blues, the scandal that brought down two famous-ish families.

Lori Loughlin, in prison orange, sits across from Olivia Jade in a visitation room.

OLIVIA JADE: I just don’t understand why you did it. I’m an influencer, do even you know how much money I’m making from Sugarbear Hair?

LOUGHLIN: I wanted you to have the education I never got.

Olivia Jade slams her hands on the metal table.

OLIVIA JADE: I don’t want yer life!

Cut to the bars of a jail cell sliding shut with a slam in front of Lori Loughlin’s face.

JOHN STAMOS (V.O.): Have mercy!

Music swells, and the screen fades to black. The title comes up:

NARRATOR: Dangerous Admissions: The True Story of the College Cheating Scandal. Starring Jennifer Grey as Felicity Huffman, and Lori Loughlin as Lori Loughlin. Only on Lifetime.